6 Characteristics of Effective KPIs

Are Your KPIs Leading You to Profits or Bankruptcy?

There’s a very big difference between metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  The question isn’t, “Do you know the difference?”  The question should be, “How well are you applying KPIs to your business?”

Every business measures its performance, yet some do it much better than others, and by doing so, have a more successful business.  These higher performing businesses focus on KPIs and use 6 characteristics to develop very effective KPIs that have an impact!

Would you like to know the 6 characteristics?

In this fact-filled, fast-paced 30-minute webinar, we will share with you these 6 characteristics and:

  • The difference between a metric and a KPI
  • How to develop more effective KPIs
  • The importance of linking KPIs to goals
  • Developing leading and more complex KPIs
  • How to develop a balanced set of KPIs
  • Building a culture of ownership

This educational webinar is designed for Presidents, CEOs and executives who want to understand better how their business is performing through advanced KPIs.

Date: March 8

Time: 1 to 1:30 PM ET

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Presenting will be Christopher DiCenso and Paul Plotczyk of Growth Strategy Partners.  They have developed advanced KPIs and performance dashboards which have accelerated a company’s revenue and profit growth.  

Growth Strategy Partners is a management consulting firm which accelerates the revenue, profit and organizational performance of privately held companies by applying its research driven 7 Keys to Growth.  To learn more visit www.GrowthStrategyPartners.com or call 781.837.3276.