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Growth Strategy Partners is presenting three webinars for the Kentucky Procurement Technical Assistance Center.  These webinars will be on the 7 Keys to Growth, Getting the Right Seats with the Right People and Differentiating Your Products and Services.  These sessions will occur from April 14 through May 19.  To learn more visit

Defined goals for organizations and people are used to set direction and improve performance.  But how many companies, and the people within these companies, have strong goal setting programs?  A recent poll identifies that a minority of organizations actually have strong goal setting programs. Growth Strategy Partners, a management consulting firm accelerating the revenue, profit […]

Setting Goals for Executives and Individual Contributors Webinar Every person in a company should have goals to achieve, yet more often they don’t.  Why?  We’ve found that leaders have a hard time trying to define ‘good’ goals. Therefore they just don’t set them.   It is true, though, that when good goals are set, the individual […]

In this CEO interview session, we speak with Greg Mooney, the CEO of STI International, a high end 1911/2011 handgun manufacturer.  To be a successful CEO, Greg shares with us the need for vision, communication, building a strong team, letting go and understanding that employees are not like you. Listen here.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the firearms industry’s trade association, is pleased to announce that Growth Strategy Partners has agreed to sponsor SHOT Show’s newest educational forum, the Executive Management Seminar. Designed as the premier educational forum for rising managerial and executive-level professionals, the 2017 SHOT Show Executive Management Seminar, the newest addition to […]

Growth Strategy Partners and 4 Industry Experts Discuss Future Demand The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, in association with Growth Strategy Partners LLC, is pleased to announce a webinar designed to help shooting industry companies grow their businesses. The topic of this session is “Planning and Managing Demand in 2017.  A roundtable panel discussion.” […]

“Are you planning to fail or failing to plan?” is a common statement heard when discussing strategic planning.  The truth is, companies who plan are growing faster and are more profitable than those who don’t.  Based on discussions we’ve had with ‘non-planners’, they usually say, ‘I just don’t know how to get started’.  For this […]

Growth Strategy Partners, in association with the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, is pleased to announce a webinar designed to help shooting industry companies grow their businesses. The topic of this session is “Differentiate Your Products and Services to Increase Sales and Profits!”   If a customer was to ask every sales and service person in your company […]

Under 4% Spent on Advertising from Growth Strategy Partners Survey Growth Strategy Partners recently conducted a webinar sponsored by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers on Getting More Bang from Your Bucks in Marketing and Advertising. In this webinar they surveyed attendees on how much they invested in marketing and advertising and what their […]