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The time needed to develop a good strategy, i.e. a strategy that is both robust and flexible, is not trivial. When done properly, strategic thinking and planning will ensure the continued health of the enterprise. The challenge for leaders in today’s resource-constrained organizations, is overcoming the excuses on why not to plan.

During a webinar conducted by Growth Strategy Partners and promoted by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, panelists and attendees were asked what they believed demand would be for the shooting sports industry in 2018.  The responses ranged from up more than 10% to down more than 5%.  Marketplace Insight provided a statistical forecast […]

Are you surprised? How can there be effective management tools which you’re not using?  Here is what business owners and executives have told us: I know of all the tools but they don’t apply to me The tools are for the big, multi-nationals – the “big boys”   I know of the all tools but […]