Shooting Industry

One of the primary industries that we focus on is the firearms and shooting industry. We have this focus as we support the Second Amendment and are passionate about shooting, hunting and outdoor sports. We are the only consulting firm that offers the industry expertise, experience and research based consulting services to help shooting industry companies improve their overall performance and growth.

Through our partnership with International Firearms Consultants and other industry experts, we are able to provide organizations with every business service they need to improve their performance.

Some of the recent projects we’ve completed include:

    • Aligning the leadership team for a large shotgun importer on the longer term goals for growth and developing a performance management dashboard
    • Identifying manufacturing sources, qualifying their parts and redesigning specific firearm components allowing greater manufacturing efficiency for a reintroduced firearm
    • Evaluating and recommending improvements for the sales organizational and channel design for a firearms accessory manufacturer
    • Training engineers, customer service and other staff on the functionality of their firearms and why and how consumers use them
    • Evaluating the market opportunity for a firearms manufacturer who was interested in entering a new product category
    • Improving the manufacturing productivity of a small niche firearms manufacturer by implementing quality control systems, waste reduction techniques and hiring a plant manager


Here is a brief outline of the services we offer. If you are faced with a challenge that is not listed, please contact us as this is only a partial listing of our services.

    • Strategic planning
      • Goal setting and performance management
      • Profit improvement strategies
    • Sales & Marketing
      • Market analysis
      • Revenue generation strategies
      • Sales channel design
      • Customer Relationship
      • Management (CRM)
    • Leadership development
      • Organizational design
      • Hiring and developing leaders
      • Executive coaching
    • Product development and design
      • Concept development
      • Product portfolio rationalization
      • CAD designs
    • Manufacturing / Distribution
      • Vendor selection and qualification
      • Plant layout
      • Lean manufacturing and productivity improvements
      • Warehouse/distribution productivity improvements
    • Financial Management
      • Profit improvement strategies
      • Cost management
      • Financial reporting
    • Assembly
      • Throughput improvements
      • Quality improvements
      • Line balancing
      • Work station assembly instructions
    • Training
      • Individual and group firearms and personal defense
      • Sales representation, product demonstrations, Industry shows and events
      • Customer interface training and use for Sales, Marketing, , customer service and Staff
      • Internal product
  • Range Design
    • Market analysis and financial planning
    • Design and development services

Some of the companies we’ve helped include:

Shooting Logos

To learn more about how we can help your firearms or shooting industry company, please contact us at 781.837.3276 or