Food Industry

Food and beverage manufacturers and distributors are unique in that their products are perishable and they need to follow food quality regulations.  This requires more advanced manufacturing and distribution business practices and management systems.  This is one reason why food and beverage companies look to us to improve their overall business performance.

We have improved the revenue growth, profits and leadership of privately held manufacturing and distribution companies in the meat, produce, fruit, seafood, beverage, and bakery industries.  Some of our success stories include:


$35M Case-Ready Meat Manufacturer

  • Increasing profitability from 0.5% to over 5% in 18 months
  • Reduced labor costs by 20% in 6 months
  • Develop new product costing model which improved profitability
  • Improved inventory accuracy from under 75% to 97%
  • Identified need for COO and lead hiring process
  • Successfully implemented ERP system
  • Facilitated development of long range strategic plan
  • Implemented dashboard performance reporting
  • Reduced owner stress through improved management systems


$60M Manufacturer of Dried Fruit

  • Assessed then developed new product development process improving frequency and customer driven innovations
  • Build long range strategic plan and performance dashboards
  • Assisted Board of Directors with decision to grow or sell the business
  • Developed sales forecasting process accurate within 5%
  • Managed domestic and international sales team


$14M Seafood Processor

  • Restored business to profitability in 45 days
  • Identified and guided implementation of $850,000 in annual profit improvement opportunities
  • Guided implementation of sales programs to grow the domestic business
  • Designed and implemented new analytical tools to strengthen daily pricing management.
  • Assisted with building bank loan package


$60M Food Distributor

  • Facilitated development of strategic growth plan which identified need to reduce transportation costs
  • Identified and developed key performance business indicators to manage business
  • Facilitated development of custom performance dashboards to manage business weekly and annually


$8M Cracker Manufacturer

  • Developed enterprise value enhancement program for owner to reach exit planning goals
  • Established more formal management systems for business which was ‘winging it’.  Systems included: purchases, scheduling, warehousing, costing, sales forecasting and budgeting:
  • Initiated “7 Wastes” training to production floor
  • Developed new product introduction process which identified 3 new products in 3 months


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