Value Creation / Exit Planning

As a business owner or investor, you want the greatest value for your business when it’s time to sell.  We have transformed the performance of privately held businesses increasing profits on average 220% and providing owners with a 7.4X return on their investment through our management consulting services.  That’s value creation!

Typical Challenges

What is the short list of the typical challenges faced by business owners when trying to sell?

  • Value expectation and exit timeframe unrealistic
  • No defined growth or exit plan
  • Weak financial performance
  • Leadership team and owners not prepared for a sale
  • Weak management reporting and KPIs

We understand not only the typical challenges faced by most businesses, but how to resolve them. Do you have similar challenges? Would you like them resolved? Here’s a sample of what we’ve accomplished in select industries.



The Growth Strategy Partners Difference

Our approach of rolling up our sleeves and building focused sustainable teams, mixed with our experience as previous Presidents, CEOs and senior executives, is part of what has driven our success.  Below you’ll see how we are different than typical consulting firms with everything from the project focus to the ending results.


Target Client Profile           

  • United States-based                                         
  • EBITDA between $1M and $10M    
  • Exit plan in 1 to 3 years
  • Ownership aligned with value creation    
  • Not distressed


  • Industries/Segments
    • Consumer products
    • Industrial manufacturing and distribution
    • Outdoor sports, firearms, ammo and accessories
    • Aerospace and defense
    • Food and Beverage
    • Construction & Engineering related


Value Creation Roadmapgrowth chart woman on glass _iStock_000049529730_Medium

How do you accelerate the value of your company?  You build a Value Creation Roadmap.  Typically, in 3 to 4 days of analysis, surveys and on-site interviews, we use your current enterprise value and develop a time-phased and project-oriented roadmap on how to obtain your exit goals.  We identify how to increase sales, improve efficiencies and therefore reduce costs, build more effective teams, develop a more performance-driven organization which ultimately increases profitability and enterprise value.


Services We Provide and Coordinate (beyond our traditional services)


  • Value Creation Roadmap
  • Hands-on implementation
  • Post-sale personal planning 
  • Build exit planning team
  • Executive coaching
  • Succession planning
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Whatever it takes….

  • Valuations
  • Legal advisor introductions
  • Wealth advisor introductions
  • Investment banker introductions
  • Fundraising



Investment Banking & Brokers Partnerships

What do you do with owners who approach you to sell their company but it’s not ready? Typically, you would put them on a ‘keep in touch’ program and hope and wait until their value increases (or their mind changes) and they don’t choose another banker when it’s time to sell.  What if you could engage them as a client while accelerating their value?  

We have partnered with investment bankers and brokers to apply our transformational consulting services to accelerate your client’s enterprise value while engaging you in the process and building your stronger client relationship.   To learn more please contact us.


Contact Us

The best way to find out if we are a good fit for you is to call Chris DiCenso at 781.837.3276 or email him at to learn how we can help you or your clients.   

To download a summary brochure of our value creation and transformational consulting services click the brochure below: Growth Strategy Partners Transformation Services Overview_Page_1