Welcome to our audio (podcast) resources page.  We designed these podcasts to provide you with quick insights on how to improve the performance of your business.   Each podcast is usually less than 15 minutes and typically 5 to 7 minutes long.  In this quick need for information world we live in, we thought these shorter segments would be helpful.

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  • 6 Characteristics of Effective KPIs (7:32)

    Do you have effective strategic metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are telling you a complete story on the performance of your business? Listen to this 8 minute podcast and find out 6 characteristics which identify if you have effective KPIs.

  • Your Baby is Ugly! Strategies to Confront A Boss (8:11)

    How do you tell someone – especially the boss! – that their GREAT idea, their “baby” is not going to work? In fact, it’s so bad it’s UGLY! Well we did and guess what? We got fired. But thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. Listen to the full podcast to find out more.

  • Dirty Little Secrets of Strategic Planning (7:46)

    In this podcast we offer the highlights and key points from two articles on strategic planning, “Your Strategy – Guiding Light or Distant Foghorn?” and “From Fuzzy To Focused - 4 Steps of a Strategic Planning Process”. Both offer additional detail that will add to your understanding of the process, as well as offer ideas for implementation. In this I’ll expose the dirty little secret about strategic planning and I’ll also do a quick briefing on the 4 steps to build a strategy that actually achieves results! And no surprise – success is all about execution!

  • CEO interview with Miles Hall, H&H Shooting Sports (33:13)

    In this CEO interview, we speak with Miles Hall, the founder of H&H Shooting Sports Complex in Oklahoma City. We’ll hear what Miles did to grow from a 4,800 sq. ft., 10 lane shooting range to over a 90,000 square feet shooting complex employing over 100 people. Miles will share the need for purpose, being customer focused, building and supporting a very strong team and trusting your instincts.

  • Do You Give Good Performance Feedback? (7:41)

    The purpose of providing feedback to employees is to improve performance. Yet, many of us simply don’t like providing any confrontational or constructive feedback so we simply don’t provide it. We’re providing a complimentary 30-minute webinar where we will share two simple, common sense models, and an easy-to-use technique with examples, that will not only make the giving of feedback easier, but it will help your feedback really impact performance.

  • Greg Mooney (STI Intl) Interview (24:16)

    In this CEO interview session, we speak with Greg Mooney, the CEO of STI International, a high end 1911/2011 handgun manufacturer. To be a successful CEO, Greg shares with us the need for vision, communication, building a strong team, letting go and understanding that employees are not like you.

  • 3 Responsibilities of Strategic Leadership (8:01)

    The traditional view of leaders as authoritarian, “take-charge” directors – the source of wisdom, truth and decision making for their organizations – no longer works. Organizations and the problems facing them are too complex for one person, or a small group of executives, to do it all.

  • There’s Only 6 Ways to Grow (8:34)

    There’s only 6 ways to grow the revenues of your business, and in this session, we explain the 6, discount 2 of them, and explain how you can use the 4 remaining ones to improve your potential of achieving your revenue growth goals. We also provide a framework on how to apply the 4.

  • Why Grow? (6:18)

    Do you really need to grow your business? What are the impacts if you do or don’t? In this session we will outline the two main reasons why you need to grow, the relevance of your competition’s growth, the importance on your pace of growth and how to get started building a solid growth plan.

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