Our Approach

If you are like many of our clients, you’re looking to enhance the long term growth of your business. With this in mind, we’ve designed our services and approach to help you build a growth platform and growth system.

We have a structured approach to improving a company’s growth performance. This approach begins by interviewing the President, CEO or business owner on what he or she wants to accomplish and when (exit strategy). This open discussion helps us understand the challenges the company is facing in many areas. From this discussion the conversation typically proceeds in one of two directions:

  1. The CEO believes he knows what is required to improve his business
  2. The CEO becomes intrigued by our research on growing companies and starts to question whether he or she really knows the keys to successful growth

If the CEO knows the company’s challenges, and we can address them, we begin outlining how we would address his challenge, what we would do, how much time it would take, what would be required of the company, and how much the project would cost. Upon agreement of the project scope and approach, we begin.

If the CEO believes it would be more valuable to learn how prepared his company is for sustained growth according to our research on growing companies and the Three Growth Disciplines, we would start with our Growth Disciplines Scorecard or one of the supporting evaluations. Since all of these tools are designed to identify how to improve the company’s growth performance, the following framework is typically used as an approach.

Growth Strategy Partners

We begin by diagnosing the growth potential of the business using our Strategic Growth Analysis. This diagnostic evaluates how well your company is implementing the 7 Keys to Growth and recommends actions to improve performance. From the results of this evaluation, we can begin to implement some ‘low hanging fruit’, improvements typically in the areas of people development, implementing key performance measures and improving a company’s ability to execute.

Most companies do not have an effective or defined growth strategy. This is why our next step is typically to develop the growth plan for the company. This planning process could take as little as two days or extend for a month or two, depending on the company’s current strategic planning situation. From this planning process we begin implementing growth programs focusing on the 7 Keys to Growth areas. During this phase we facilitate, guide, and advise our clients on how to implement their initiatives more quickly. Our ‘toolkit’ of best practice and rapid implementation methodologies helps tremendously in this area.

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