We’ve learned there are many executives who have never used a management consultant before and are somewhat skeptical on the value a ‘business expert’ can provide and the investment required.  We have therefore developed some low investment and high value consulting projects to help you overcome this skepticism.  These projects include an employee engagement survey, customer survey, business diagnostic and strategic planning workshop.

We are so confident that you will be pleasantly surprised with what we can provide with a small investment, if you have not learned anything from our projects, your professional fee investment will be waived!

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Growth Strategy Partners, in association with the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, (NASGW) conducted an educational webinar where they asked participants if they formally survey their customers and how often.   Over 60% of responses indicate that this occurs ‘sometimes’ to ‘never’.


The webinar, Listen and Learn: How Customer Feedback Increases Sales and Profit, was developed for NASGW as part of ongoing education to NASGW members.  The webinar was presented by Chris DiCenso and George Harris of Growth Strategy Partners and included guest speakers Jeff Creamer, Executive Director at Sig Sauer and Jens Krogh, Director of Sales and Marketing at STI International.   


The webinar outlined the importance of listening to customers on a recurring basis and how to collect customer feedback.  It also included success stories from Sig Sauer and STI on their use of customer feedback.  Jeff Creamer explained how a dealer survey identified the need for a more formal MAP (minimum advertised price) policy which resulted in improved sales and relationships with their dealers.  Jens Krogh from STI used customer feedback and analysis to develop their new DVC model handgun where sales are now four times what was forecasted!  


Surprisingly, a survey during the session identified that 38% of companies ‘never’ survey their customers and 25% ‘sometimes’ survey their customers, but not on a recurring basis.  “How can a company satisfy its existing customers, or outperform their competitors if they don’t know what their customers want?” questions Chris DiCenso.  “It’s really not that difficult or time consuming to conduct surveys, but unfortunately many companies think they know what their customers want, when in fact they really don’t.”


The webinar was recorded and includes steps to build a customer survey along with draft questions to get started.  The webinar can be viewed at http://growthstrategypartners.com/resources/videos-2/ or http://www.nasgw.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3827


Growth Strategy Partners is attending the NASGW Expo this month and scheduling complimentary consultations to discuss conducting customer surveys as well as their research into the 7 Keys to Growth.  If you would like to schedule a meeting please contact Chris DiCenso at CDiCenso@GrowthStrategyPartners.com


Chris DiCenso

Managing Partner

Growth Strategy Partners LLC




Paul Plotczyk has joined the firm as a Director. Paul has over 25 years of experience growing large and smaller businesses. He has deep knowledge in business strategy, business development, leadership training and organizational alignment. “We are very fortunate to have Paul join our firm. I have been working with Paul for the past 6 months and his experience will help our clients immensely.” Christopher DiCenso, Managing Partner. Click here to see his detailed experience.