Exit Strategy


Situation:  This 30-year-old company with two owners, one which had retired, wanted to sell the business but profits had been declining therefore the value the owners were looking for was not there.  Sales were declining as the retired owner was key sales leader.  One son worked in the business, one daughter had worked in the business but left. The current owner wanted to retire ASAP.


What We Did: After conducting a Value Enhancement Analysis, we identified that the company needed improved sales skills, a sales leader and an ownership and leadership transition plan.  We first helped the company identify its competitive advantages then we conducted sales training to all key leaders.  We then strategized on a transition plan outlining to hire a sales leader who could become president and was interested in potential ownership while transitioning the owners shares to his children.  We also facilitated buying out the retired owner’s shares.


ResultsWithin one year, a transition team and ownership structure were in place. The hired sales leader was promoted to president within 6 months of being hired.  The daughter returned to work for the company and she and her brother were gifted ownership shares.  The President tripled the size of the company over 5 years and acquired some ownership. The original owner retired to Florida within 3 years of the beginning of our project.