Leadership Team Developement

A 100 person design build construction company had grown aggressively in the past few years and the CEO was concerned that the current leadership team would not be able to sustain its growth. The current team had joined the company when business conditions were strong and stable and now with a weaker and more dynamic economy, the company needed a team that could lead in more challenging circumstances.

Growth Strategy Partners approached the challenge with first identifying the strategic ‘seats’ and skills which were needed for the company and then identifying if any of the current team members had these skills. At the conclusion of the evaluation it was determined that half of the leadership team would need to be replaced and that a new position focusing on construction design services was needed.

Over a one year timeframe, a Design Director position was created and filled by an internal candidate and the remaining leadership team positions were filled. The leadership team is now a high performing team and the company is positioned for sustained growth.