thumbprintHow many times have you listened to a losing football coach lament his team’s poor execution – we had a good game plan, we just didn’t execute well?

Have you ever wondered why some sports teams are able to consistently perform at a high level, year-in and year-out, and others do not? They may not win a championship every year, but they are usually always in contention.

How do they do it? Excellent talent, for sure, but we have seen many teams with better talent lag. Excellent teamwork, absolutely, you cannot win without it. Leadership, organization, coaching style, winning culture – yes there are a number of important factors.

The top performing organizations understand them and continually seek to master all of them.

The same lessons apply to business organizations. Execution – what truly sets the better performing companies apart from the rest of the pack is execution. For most small and medium-size companies, organization excellence or execution is the most important determinant of performance. Competition is intense and it is difficult to create sustainable differences in customer value. The most important competitive advantage a firm can build is its capability to effectively execute.

Based on a combination of research and executive experience, Growth Strategy Partners has developed a proven framework for helping companies assess and elevate the execution effectiveness of their organizations. The framework has been successfully used to dramatically improve the performance of companies across multiple industries.

In our Organization Excellence blog series, we will share with you the framework we have developed and discuss the best practices for implementing each of the seven elements. The next blog will describe our High Performance Framework.

We hope you enjoy the series and find it helpful in augmenting the execution excellence of your organization.

To evaluate your company’s performance using this framework, visit and take our self assessment. If your scores are 4’s and 5’s, congratulations; but if your scores are in the 1 or 2 areas, well you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. There are likely to be significant opportunities to improve the performance and value of your business.

Growth Strategy Partners is a management consulting firm which accelerates the growth in revenue, profit and organizational excellence for small and mid-sized businesses by implementing our research driven 7 Keys to Growth.