Quick Start Projects

We’ve learned there are many executives who have never used a management consultant before and are somewhat skeptical on the value a ‘business expert’ can provide and the investment required.  We have therefore developed some low investment and high value consulting projects to help you overcome this skepticism.    

We are so confident that you will be pleasantly surprised with what we can provide with a small investment, if you have not learned anything from our projects, your professional fee investment will be waived!




Purpose: Research has shown that high performing companies apply 7 fundamental management practices to improve revenue growth and profits.  Our experience shows that over 80% of most companies are not applying these 7.  Learn your weaknesses and mitigate them!

Goal: Identify strategic and tactical recommendations to improve your business performance. Identify where your company is not applying the research driven 7 Keys to Growth.  

Approach: We will review your company’s background information (customers, products, services, organizational, financials). Conduct 80 question survey to your leadership team. (Up to 6 people).  Conduct in person interviews with your leadership team.  Tour factory.  Present findings and recommendations.

Deliverables: Strategic and tactical recommendations on how to improve overall growth, profits and performance.  40+ page presentation style report.  Insights into gaps in performance that your company is not improving.  Typically includes some ‘easy to implement quick wins!’

Investment: Estimate of 3.5 – 4 days.  Full value = $11,200 – $12,800.  Quick start = $4,900.  Travel expenses are additional.


“The Strategic Growth Analysis was an eye-opener!  I didn’t know what I didn’t know”

President, $20M+ revenue service company.





Purpose: In order to improve your performance and increase sales, you need to know what your customers want.  Over 65% of most companies do not formally listen to, or survey their customers.   This quick start survey will get you started on listening to your customers and identifying sales and operations improvements.

Goal: Improve sales and customer service by obtaining quick and high level feedback from your customers

Approach: Develop a short survey which will be administered by phone by your company to your top 10 to 20 corporate customers and to all other customers where you have an email address.

We will customize a previously developed and proven customer survey for your company and train your sale or customer service representatives in conducting the survey over the phone.  We will also build and conduct an on-line survey to customers with an email address.  

We will analyze all survey responses and present findings and recommendations to you.

Deliverables: Presentation of survey findings and recommendations for improvement.  

Investment: Estimate of 2.5 to 3 days’ time.  Full value = $8,000 – $9,600.  Quick Start price = $6,750.  Conducted remotely.  No travel expenses.





Purpose: Highly engaged employees have proven to produce more profitable and growing businesses.  But, most companies do not know how engaged their employees are.  This project will start the engagement process.

Goal: Identify how well employees are engaged within your company, to their work and what should be done to improve performance.

Approach: Conduct a 50 question employee engagement survey to all employees.   Interview up to 6 key employees.

Deliverables: Presentation style report recommending what your company should do to improve employee engagement and overall performance.  

Investment Estimated 2 – 2.5 days.  Total value = $6,400 – $8,000.  Quick start = $5,600.  Conducted remotely.  No travel expenses.  On site project optional.





Purpose: How can a company grow or improve without a plan or concrete goals?  With much difficulty.  Research has shown that companies with a documented plan are more profitable and growing faster than those without plans.

Goal: Develop a strategic 3 to 5 year growth plan for a company.  Identify how to improve long term growth performance.

Approach: After preparation planning, conduct 2 days of planning workshops where the company’s leadership team engages in active dialog to develop the company’s short and long term goals, strategies and measures of performance.  Two months of strategy facilitation is included.

Deliverables: Documented strategic plan with defined goals, strategies, key performance metrics, and milestones.   2 months of strategy meeting facilitation.

Investment: Estimated 5.5 to 6 days.  Full value = $17,600 – $19,200. Quick start cost = $14,000.  Travel expenses additional.  Based on workshop team of 7 or less people and annual revenues less than $50 million.  A higher investment may be needed for larger teams or higher revenues.


To learn more about or schedule one of these projects, please contact Chris DiCenso at 781.837.3276 or CDiCenso@GrowthStrategyPartners.com