Sales Strategy and Effectiveness

A 5 person direct marketing company serving non-profits was challenged with establishing a systematic lead generation campaign along with closing the leads it generated. The company was currently cold calling prospects and then selling the company mostly leveraging its unique design of direct marketing collateral.

Growth Strategy Partners conducted an evaluation of its marketing process along with understanding the results that were expected from the client. As the direct marketing for non-profits was to generate new members or obtain contributions, the client was really looking for a company that could provide a strong return on investment (ROI) on the direct marketing campaign. The good news was that the company had a very strong track record of providing higher than average ROI campaigns.

A marketing system, target prospect base and collateral was created where specific prospects were ‘warmed up’ before being approached for a meeting. This resulted in a much higher introductory meeting rate. At the meetings, the company focused on selling its ROI results rather than its design portfolio and the closure rate increased.

“Through the coaching of Growth Strategy Partners our revenues grew 109% and our profits grew over 1200% from the previous year. We could never have accomplished this so quickly and effectively without their guidance.”
Elizabeth Lyons, President, Lyons Direct Communications