Strategic Growth Analysis

You think you know the keys to successful growth. Or do you?

The Strategic Growth Analysis can tell you how aligned your leadership team is, and your business is performing to, the 7 Keys to Growth. Why guess or assume your company is prepared for growth when you can receive independent and quantitative results. We have yet to interview a leadership team and not find areas of misalignment or performance improvement. In fact, we’ve found many CEOs who’ve assumed their leadership team was aligned, when in fact they really weren’t! This drove the comment from one CEO, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

What We Do
The analysis is a focused evaluation of your leadership team containing quantitative and qualitative results. It evaluates your business in the 7 Keys to Growth areas:

  1. Right People Right Seats – Do you have the correct structure and people to grow?
  2. Effective Growth Planning – Is your growth plan defined and articulated?
  3. Advanced Customer Management – How well do you service niche customers?
  4. Robust Processes – Are the core processes of the business robust?
  5. Differentiated Products and Services – How well are your products or services differentiated from the competition?
  6. Strong Core Values – Are your core values defined and being ‘lived’?
  7. Ability to Execute – How well do you ‘get things done?”

In each area we use quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify development areas to help you grow your business more efficiently. The result is a macro scorecard rating you in each of these areas along with detailed observations and recommendations on how to improve your performance. These observations and recommendations are presented to you and your team so you can start making change the very next day.

The approach we use required little time of you and your people yet provides extremely valuable insights you undoubtedly would never receive without an evaluation of this type. We can complete the evaluation and present recommendations in as short as one week providing you with an unparalleled ability to improve your business performance quickly.

To conduct your own self evaluation on the 7 Keys to Growth, download the Strategic Growth Analysis Self Evaluation.