Strategic Planning

A large shotgun manufacturer wanted to improve its growth performance by aligning its leadership team on defined goals and strategies. The company had initiated some strategic planning sessions but the organization had not bought into the goals or the planning process. The president realized that he needed some external guidance and expertise to effectively develop the company’s plan.

Growth Strategy Partners was asked to facilitate the development of their strategic plan and used its extensive experience in the firearms industry and its proprietary 2 day strategy articulation workshop to develop the plan. The plan was built using the Balanced Scorecard framework, a best practice tool in strategic planning.

At the completion of the workshop, the company had concrete goals, performance metrics and a process to review progress. The leadership team also bought into the goals and strategies which would make it successful in the future. We also facilitated the planning sessions for the following 6 months where the company made great progress toward accomplishing many of the goals that were set. The company exceeded budget and expectations specifically financially. The President’s comment was, “I wish we hired you sooner. If we had this guidance earlier, we would have been more successful sooner.”