Strategy Articulation

A 17 person wealth management company was looking to ‘revitalize’ and improve its annual strategic planning offsite. Although the company had been growing over 20% and conducting yearly off-site strategic planning sessions where goals and strategies were defined, the strategies defined typically ‘lost steam’ throughout the year and lacked marketing initiatives the owner believed the company needed to continue the growth. The owner had lead the earlier strategy sessions and believed he may be indirectly silencing input from his team due to his title and aggressiveness.

Growth Strategy Partners conducted its Strategy Articulation Workshop where we facilitated the team through our proven two-day strategic planning process. Through pre-work and facilitation, we identified the company’s priorities for competing in the markets it served while also quantifying where and how revenue was generated. We also identified the company’s ‘sweet spot’ to target its marketing efforts to continue its growth.

At the completion of the two day session, the company had succinct strategies and initiatives to continue its growth but more importantly the company had a meeting and milestone process to manage its strategies. One strategic change that occurred mostly probably due to our involvement was that the company stopped focusing on obtaining larger clients and focuses more on their sweet spot mid-size clients. The owner said it was difficult for him to overcome his desire to focus on larger clients but that mid-sized clients were a better focus for the company to succeed.